Fast Acuity Screening Test | Get Matching Card with Instructions
The F.A.S.T is a simple, quick acuity screening that is consistent with American Academy of Pediatric Guidelines. Young Children need not be able to "read" the actual "optotype" letters (H, O, T, V, A, and X), instead they can point them out on a downloadable Matching Page (pdf). Letters will be presented in a pseudo-random order. The letters have Crowding bars so this test is better at detecting AMBLYOPIA, the most common treatable form of blindness in children and young adults. The tested child will stand a fixed distance from the computer based on the measured size of a letter "H" on your calibration page. You will place a patch over the non-tested eye so your child cannot "Peek" and therefore seem normal despite potentially having the a treatable form of blindness (5% of children have this).

Familiarize to Large Letters

Calibrate to your computer

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