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IRITIS is an inflammation in the eye that can cause scarring and blindness. Iritis is one form of UVEITIS (inflammation of the vacular layers of the eye) involving the iris and the cilliary body releasing white blood cells (WBC) and protein into the aqueous humor. Iritis often produces a painful, red eye, but in children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), the iritis may produce no symptoms until late in the disease. Therefore, it is important to screen for iritis in children with arthritis since early treatment can prevent blindness. A high magnification SLIT LAMP is used to screen for iritis.

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Iritis Slit Lamp Kit Video
Iritis Grading Study
Iritis with grade 3 white blood cells in A/C (left) can be observed with slit lamp- calibrated by iritis kits (right). iritisgr3 iritiskit  
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Slit Lamp Set-up: Haag-Streit Zeiss Iritis (uveitis) etiology survey  


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