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World Health Organization (WHO) Screening Criteria
ABCD History
Validation of screening methods Gold Standard "True" Criteria Compared (VIPS, Ottar, AAPOS)
ABCD Validation Template
Kids Eye Disorders
Cost Benefit of Vision Screening
Legislation * S3685 * Kindergarten Mandated Exams
Vision Screening
Health Care Funding for Vision Screening | 99174 with RVU
"Pay for Performance"
ABCD Clinics
Community Penetrance of Vision Screening
Total Pediatric Eye Care Cost in America varies by Vision Screening Guidelines
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American Academy of Pediatrics Age-Appropriate Screening Guidelines on issues related to Eye Care and Spectacles
Evidence-based medicine favors pediatric screening (pdf download)
Issues related to acuity testing
Alaska State pre-K and 3rd grade vision screening
Dave Guyton's novel Plan to efficiently fund a screening program
Rationale for pediatric Vision Screening
Early Screening Benefit
Introduction to Validation
Consistent, Rapid Optical Therapy for Amblyopia patients
Compared Value of Health Interventions: Am J Prev Med 2006
AAPOS Foundation "See by Three" Project
PEDIG: Value of Refractive Treatment then Patching (ATS-5)
Sensitive Single versus Specific Series of Pediatric Vision Screenings
DCC Photoscreen Interpretation
EMR for Pediatric Eye Low Vision coding Immunization chart    


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