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ROP- Patient view and Recording

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Infants born prematurely are at risk for blindness due to "Retinopathy of Prematurity" or ROP. The most advanced stage of ROP was called "RLF" or retrolental fibroplasia. Variations in oxygen saturation during the infant's first weeks play an important role in ROP.

One of the most cost-effective forms of pediatric vision screening is when the neonatology staff determines which infants should have staging retinal exams by an experienced ophthalmologist. In the U.S. this usually includes infants born earlier than 32 weeks GA and under 1500 grams birthweight. If ROP reaches threshold, treatment via laser or freezing can reduce the risk of blindness. African Americans are relatively protected from severe ROP while Asians and Alaska Natives are most prone, ROP is described in another VIDEO.

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  Cost-effective vision screening: ROP Exam from patient's view followed by Exam recording and Computer Erasing "Plus" Disease. Requires Quicktime (4.6 Mb)    
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