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    Strabismus is a disorder due to misalignment of the eyes. It may be full-time ("tropia"), part-time ("intermittent tropia") or just with lack of visual attention ("phoria"). Crossing of the eyes is called "Esotropia" and is often associated with AMBLYOPIA in children. Wall-Eye or divergence of the eyes is called "Exotropia." Constant exotropia can cause amblyopia however many cases of exotropia are intermittent and instead cause visual fatigue and photophobia. Vertical strabismus is called "hypertropia." New onset strabismus causes double vision called "diplopia." Strabismus may be caused by weak nerves or muscles. It may also be caused by restrictions in eye movement due to fractures, scarring or masses in the orbit.
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Parents and Pediatricians can observe new-onset Strabismus. When strabismus is constant, especial esotropia, Amblyopia is common. Observed Strabismus as a community screening technique has high Predictive Value.
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