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Adapting the state-of-the-art principles for acuity testing, ABCD has suggested a modification of Wendy Marsh-Tootle's Surround HOTV 10-foot test card. The ABCD HOTV card presents 4 optotypes down to 20/16 range whereas Wendy's stopped at 20/20. The matching card has surround letters to avoid confusion, has a "spectacle-delineated" pinhole enhancement and an HOTV near card that resembles Paul Runge's near system but is adapted to just 10-inches- found to more approximate a child's lap-reading distance. The 10-foot distance and 10-inch near are quickly demarcated by detachable strings. Age-appropriate screening cut-offs (20/40 for K and below, 20/32 for older than K) are quickly located by off-set tabs. Precision Vision manufactures this with catalogue number 2021. This chart has been used with objective screening in the Anchorage School District.  
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Precision Vision 2021
Initial use in Karen IDP camp in Burma


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