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It may not be convenient, or cost-effective, to have every pre-Kindergarten or Third grade child travel to a special clinic for the recommended Patched, Surround Optotype Acuity Screening. Therefore, ABCD has developed a downloadable kit which can be used by parents, teachers, public health nurses or aids, pediatricians, etc. The "kit" consists of a surround HOTV chart for use at ten feet from the child with 20/40 cut-off for Kindergarten and 20/32 cut-off for Third Graders. The kit also sends a Matching Card with Instructions. Parents can generate effective patches from readily available duct or masking tape. A PinHole card can also be made to allow children with mild glasses problems to defer their confirmatory exam.      
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Surround HOTV Acuity Screening foldable "box" with grade-level 20/32 and 20/40 cut-offs. 70K pdf
Match Card 258K pdf
Detailed Instructions
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The Concept of a 4-sided, age-appropriate critical line surround "Top" was suggested by Vision Screen Authority the late Kurt Simons, PhD from Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Institute.
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