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Spectacle Comparison Grading

ABCD has developed a way that two different spectacle refractions can be compared. A 20/20 correctable person can see at least 20/25 with an A-grade match, 20/40 with a B-grade match and 20/80 with a C-grade sphero-cylinder match.    
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EXCEL spec grade astigmatism/sphere Numbers spec grade 2-D match  
de-Id data
Beveridge, et al, Grading Spectacle Similarity, Clinical Optometry 13:3-32  
  Ellipsoid combined sphero-cylinder 3-D match    
Excel SpecGRADE ellipsoid Numbers SpecGRADE ellipsoid  
de-ID data ellipsoid
"Ellipsoid Spectacle Comparison of ..Autorefractors" Clinical Ophthalmology 15:3637-3648    


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