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Risk Factors prompting Eye Exams

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A Confirmatory Eye Examination is medically indicated for positive answers to:

AAP / AAO / AAPOS Ocular History:
-Does your child seem to see well?
-Does your child hold objects close to his/her face when trying to focus?
-Do your child’s eyes appear straight or do they seem to cross or drift or seem lazy?
-Do your child’s eyes appear unusual?
-Do your child’s eyelids droop or does 1 eyelid tend to close?
-Have your child’s eye(s) ever been injured? [Eye surgery?]
AAP / AAO / AAPOS Relevant Family History (parents or siblings):
-Eye disorders
-pre-school or early childhood use of eyeglasses
-congenital cataracts
-metabolic / genetic disorders
AAP / AAO / AAPOS Medical History:
-Very premature (less than 1500 gram birth weight, 31 weeks GA)
-Intrauterine growth retardation
-significant developmental delay
-neurologic difficulties
Systemic disease associated with eye abnormalities
-Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA or "JIA")
-Herpetic Infection of face or head
-Cleft palate
-Graves’ Disease
---Tuberous sclerosis
-Fetal Alcohol Exposure
-Suspected child abuse

Swanson J. Eye examination in infants, children and young adults by pediatricians: AAP Policy Statement. Ophthalmology. 2003;110(4):860-865.

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