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The Welch Allyn Suresight™ is a hand-held, battery-operated autorefractor that estimates refractive error from a distance of two feet. It uses Hartmann-Shack wavefront analysis using light outside the visual range but still should be considered a "photoscreener." Pediatricians and primary care screeners should use 99174 to bill for routine use of the Suresight. Refraction also can be used 92015.

In the first phase largest NIH-funded pre-school vision screen study to date, the first phase of VIPS found that Suresight, in the hands of pediatric optometrists, had some of the highest validation values (sensitivity) of all screening modalities tested

To reduce False Positive, Over-referrals, the Suresight should employ more specific VIPS criteria. In a noisy room, attach a stethescope to the side of the Suresight so you can hear the focus-sounds more easily.

    Rick Farchione (Welch Allyn) discusses increasing specific threshold for Suresight with Drs. Donahue and Arnold at AAO Meeting.    


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