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A cooperative, charitable research project to vision screen every preschool Alaskan

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Alaska strives to offer Parents the State-of-the-Art vision screening to all children. This bold Accelerated Phase of the 10-year ABCD project is enabled only through cooperation between pediatric caregivers, eye doctors, State Public Health organizations, schools, parents and trained volunteers and is majorly sponsored through the District 49A Lions, technology manufacturers and the ABCD Coordinating Center. The ABCD Mountain Project aims to Eliminate Amblyopia by 1) Early Objective Screening, 2) Kindergarten Entry Screening, 3) Sturdy consistent Spectacles and 4) "Cured-by-Third" residual amblyopia detection and monitoring.

2007 ABCD Favorites in Vision Screening

August 29th Launch at Providence

ABCD Launch Poster


Sensitive and Specific Valid acuity testing device for AAP recommended vision screening in Alaskans.
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