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Anchorage School Screening


The Alaska Blind Child Discovery initially sought to photoscreen children less than 5 years old, but found a tremendous community health benefit to extending objective screening into the first grades of primary school. This has the great advantage over other screening locations of achieving a higher community penetrance. In Spring 2004 ABCD cooperated with Anchorage School Nurses to charitably screen 1700 children in over 20 schools. The results were presented at the NASN annual meeting in Washington DC and then published in the Journal of School Nursing August 2006.

The ASD-ABCD project is a concerted effort to provide the state-of-the-art objective screening with age- and ability-appropriate patched acuity testing for every Anchorage (South Central Alaska) student.

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Download Acrobat pdf files:

Screen Data Page

Warning signs backpage

Consent Cover Letter

State-of-the-art Screening:

PlusOptix S04 photoscreen

Gateway Dv-s20 in Tents

Critical Line patched Surround HOTV Acuity Testing

Vision Quest Computer Game

Actual Screening 10-5-06
Contact Research Student Michelle Clausen at 276-1617 or email her for information and/or scheduling.
Please make double-sided DataPage with Warning Signs on the back and send out with Kindergarten, pre-K and 3rd graders.      


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