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Parent's PlusOptix Guide

After a PlusOptiX camera takes multiple infrared photoscreen images (few seconds), the computer software makes several complex calculations and estimates several characteristics of the anatomy and optics of the eyes including the Refraction, the Pupil and the Alignment (Gaze). Check the example LABEL figure to the left.
OD indicates the Right Eye (oculo dexter) and OS indicates the Left Eye (oculo sinister)
The subject’s name is in the top left (ARNOLD, ANDREW in the form LAST, FIRST) and the birthdate is in the top right (1991-11-26 in the form yyy-mm-dd). The screening date is in the bottom left (2007-07-24).
Check the refraction data for the left eye (OS):
+1.75D –0.50
The important issues of REFRACTIVE ERROR should be reviewed.
The +1.75 indicates the SPHERE; a + value is farsighted whereas a – value would instead be nearsighted. Under most conditions, PlusOptix screening is NOT done with dilating drops as is used in a Confirmatory Exam. Most children are farsighted with cycloplegic dilated eye exams but their young focusing muscles can ACCOMMODATE and bring near objects easily to focus.
The –0.50 indicates the cylinder power of astigmatism in minus (-) power.
The indicates the axis of the astigmatism power. PlusOptix screens both eyes at once and “draws” a line with length (interpupillary distance) and angle (tilt between the PlusOptix hand-held camera and the child’s eyes) from which the cylinder axis is calculated very accurately.
High or unequal values of refractive error are common treatable causes of AMBLYOPIA. ABCD has carefully determined threshold cut-off referral criteria for the PlusOptix S04.
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The right (OD) and left (OS) pupil size (7.5 and 7.2) are given. The photoscreener has difficulty making interpretations if the pupils are either too big, or to small. ABCD refers children with large differences between the pupil sizes.

The PlusOptiX makes multiple measurements of ocular alignment called Gaze. The numbers of degrees estimate that the central light reflex in this subject for the right eye is aligned outward 4.2 degrees and up 0.5 degrees right eye, and out 5.6 degrees and down 5.6 degrees left eye. PlusOptix refers children will too great a misalignment since strabismus is a risk factor for amblyopia.

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