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How to excel in ABCD paperwork

  On of the hardest parts of vision screening kids is getting kids gathered around valid screening technology. ABCD needs committed sceeners in its clinics from various Hubs. It is very important to carefully organize the clinic and paperwork so each child is well screened, clearly photographed and so the ABCD Coordinating Center can accurately interpret the images and then promptly notify parents of results.  
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  #1. Get good copies of up-to-date ABCD Paperwork  
Paperwork for PlusOptix Computer Photoscreening
  #2. Gather age-appropriate children (age 1-6 years)    
Contact ABCD
  #3. Location: have dim place (i.e tent, closet) for photoscreening    
  #4. Have place for parents to comfortably sit and clearly write.    
  #5. Make sure to get the address, child's name, history, Warning Signs      
  #6. Have guardian sign consent      
  #7. Practice so you can take clear, quick, well-aimed photos      
  #8.Make sure kids are not distracted while screening. (hard)      
  #9 Take extra photos to make sure you get good ones.      
  #10. Label all photos with child's name and attach firmly.      
  #11. Fill out Clinic Report sheet for each 10 kids with phone #.      
  #12. Sort batches of 10 data sheets with clinic report sheets.      
  #13. Send batches in envelopes to ABCD Coordinating Center      

Have parent fill in all data on Data Sheet:


Gather Data Sheets and Clinic Report sheets to mail:



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