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Certain ocular conditions predispose the visual system to amblyopia: cataract or media opacity, strabismus and / or high refractive errors. Objective vision screen tests determine if anatomic risk factors for amblyopia are present. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) endorses objective screening.

Photoscreeners record reflected red reflex from the retina through the pupils and can estimate refractive error by the magnitude and orientation of a bright crescent. Ideal Photoscreener.

Remote Autorefractors use invisible energy waves to estimate the refractive error.

Fixation can be detected by birefringence.

Objective tests can be used in infants and toddlers before the age when acuity and other sensory tests can be reliable.

ABCD Objective Screener Comparison 2020 TABLE

ABCD Comparison of screeners

Video comparison of Objective Screeners

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