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A cooperative, charitable research project to vision screen every preschool Alaskan

How to become an ABCD Screener


1. Review Literature and Rationale for Pediatric Vision Screening

2. Understand Amblyopia and the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines to Screen

3. Determine where you can gather appropriate aged children.

4. Acquire objective screener for younger children (less than Kindergarten)

5. Send for ABCD Photoscreening Educational DVD.

6. Acquire or Download Acuity Test and Patches for children aged 4 through 3rd grade.

7. Download and freely copy ABCD Clinic paperwork.

8. Cooperate with other charities who have held screening clinics.

9. Gather Parental Consents Emphasizing Warning Signs and Prior Eye Exams

10. Carefully screen repeating as needed to get consistent results

11. Make sure children cannot peek during acuity testing

12. Carefully label and gather all individual and screening clinic data.

13. Communicate with the ABCD Coordinating Center

14. With your interpretations sent to you, contact any "referred" kids to help follow up.


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